Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Ayam Philippines original seratus peratus. Skarang umur dah enam bulan. Bapak ayam ini diimport dari Sarawak. Ibu ayam ini diimport straight dari Philippines. kalau berminat call 0136244522. harga RM 600.
Di hantar secara percuma di mana-mana sahaja di semenanjung Malaysia.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013


IMPORTED gold pumpkin and two imported female from Philippines
we breed our champion stags from the best picked winning bloodlines there is. We can provide the best stags for you. At the moment our customers are only professional cock fighters. but we are trying to introduce this breed to the public in Malaysia as this chicken is not only great in the fighting pit, but it is also perfect as pets as they have an exceptionally beautiful feather. This breed of chicken also have a long life span if you keep them as pets not for fighting. But when you do take our breed of chicken to a fighting in semenanjung Malaysia or in Sarawak you will be respected. You cant get this quality of Ayam Sabung Pisau anywhere in Malaysia trust me.

Sunday, 12 May 2013


Imported straight from Philipines. Champion. 

Saturday, 11 May 2013

1-2 month old stag for sale( which ever available)

 1-2 month old stag,
champion offspring,
which ever available at our farm,
price: RM300
FREE DELIVERY for 2 birds within sem. Malaysia,

yellow gold stag for sale

yellow gold stag
offspring of champion gold pumpkin
3-4 month old
Price RM 600
Interested please call 013-6244522
( Mr Arshad )
FREE DELIVERY within semenanjung malaysia.
 for more information please leave a comment.

 white gold stag. offspring of the champion gold pumpkin.
very high demand
3-4month old
price: RM600
FREE DELIVERY within sem . Malaysia
interested please call 013 6244522( Mr Arshad )
For  more information please leave a comment.
 Ayam sabung pisau(Philipines),
6 month old stag,
imported parents,
winning bloodlines,
battle cross,
price RM600
FREE DELIVERY within semenanjung Malaysia,
                                                      serious buyer please call (0136244522)